Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Thanks for all those that made it happen.

Hi  and thanks to everyone who helped make the Hannumanali trip happen.

Thanks to Marion Main ( right) , Consultant Physiotherapist at St. Ormond street children's hospital London. You were an asset to the town and people of Anagundi and Hannumanali in India for your productive and engaging style. Thanks Marion, on so many levels for the week you spent there a town of more positive things were left to observe.

Firstly , Marion’s ability to recognize what was realistic in her perception of physical and mental disability in children and adults. This was true for me from what i observed on physio and therapist level . Marion's ability to critique strategy and match it to limited resources a village or town may have access to was something I have never seen work so effectively.. so humanly, but with the certainty of expertise.