Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Batteries not included

When we first bought the wheelchair from Ability Plus , Gillingham Kent, we never thought it would last so long...

It was clear that the two brothers cherished the wheelchair since we first handed it over to the family via the appropriate 'channels of authority'.
                                                       Check some of the story here !

By using these 'channels of authority' we seemed to have prevented its theft so far !

We used the local  ' Meme Saab '  - related to the minister for agriculture . It seems to be the wheel chair is associated with her donation ( rather than ours as Westerners) , and people seem reluctant to upset the Meme Saab because of the influence.
 But who's to say what is going on other than we are blessed. In a society as old and complex as in rural India - we can just say that we are blessed . The wheelchair still works ! ... but alas the battery is dead (again !)

Time for a new battery !

Make way for the 'Bright futures workshop!!'

Brighter Future Workshop is a social enterprise and a charity which exists to enhance the lives of people who are disabled. Set up in 2005 in the north of England to provide training and social inclusion for young people with disabilities, to help give them a brighter future. Trainees work alongside experienced technicians and mentors, learning hands-on skills in basic mechanical and electronic engineering, and gaining accreditation. BFW’s unique combination of work experience and job coaching helps build confidence, competence and self-esteem.

Not only that ! .. but they are cost effective. I told Valetta (the wheelchair manufacturers) the story of Hanumanesh and Sammy - they quoted me almost 300 GBP for a battery ! 

Bright futures workshop said , they could make their own .. their price 88 GBP (with delivery ).

So for this Christmas  - buy a candles made by disabled communities in India and trying to raise 100 GBP  -  to purchase a wheelchair battery from Bright Futures Workshop and trying to find a way to get it to India .

Any ideas ?

Please request a candle from this email address.

We will get the Christmas candle to you - make a donation - and follow the story. More background is available below from previous blogs... 

Calcutta Works..  light the way.


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Thanks for all those that made it happen.

Hi  and thanks to everyone who helped make the Hannumanali trip happen.

Thanks to Marion Main ( right) , Consultant Physiotherapist at St. Ormond street children's hospital London. You were an asset to the town and people of Anagundi and Hannumanali in India for your productive and engaging style. Thanks Marion, on so many levels for the week you spent there a town of more positive things were left to observe.

Firstly , Marion’s ability to recognize what was realistic in her perception of physical and mental disability in children and adults. This was true for me from what i observed on physio and therapist level . Marion's ability to critique strategy and match it to limited resources a village or town may have access to was something I have never seen work so effectively.. so humanly, but with the certainty of expertise.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Calcutta Works neuromuscular physiotherapist quest to India

 Fortune has blessed !

Excuse , the cheap blog ... but don t judge a story by it s HTML page. 

We found a neuromuscular physiotherapist to help Hannumanesh and Sammi in their village in India. 

I first met Luxmi's son's in late 2010, through an old friend. The boys were told many things about their condition, and Luxmi was confused as to what really was their diagnosis .. so i began the work of finding them a specialist doctor. This took weeks, many connections and long travel .

It is difficult to find a specialist physiotherapist within their locality. Plus , if you travel the 9 hours to the main city ... the queues are lengthy , and often the family are n' t able to get the intensity of assessment they require with such a complex condition as Dunchen's Muscular dystrophy.

So the search began for a specialist - who would be willing to travel to India to see Hannumanesh and Sammu ... and possibility more disabled people in the surrounding villages.

.. and somehow , i found one !

                       Her name is Marion Main and she is a consultant , neuro muscular specialist  physiotherapist from Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. 

Here is Marion below with her daughter after a 10 km run.

If you got one of our candles; great ... 

Just go to the URL link below to make a payment ...and help us light the way !

We don t know how much you give ... but please give generously! The more support we get, the more people we can see ( there are a lot of handicap people in and around the village we are staying)

You have until December 16th, 2015 to donate and then FUND RAISING will close.

 Donate before then, as you chose ... we 're aiming for as close to 1000 GBP as we can get , 


Long live truth !
And check the website for the full, ongoing story ,, Marion is flying out early January 2015
You can follow our challenges and insights .

 Peace and comm-unity  X